Pickles With A Purpose

Moved to help a friend who was homeless, nine-year old Luke Holm founded “Pickles With A Purpose”, a non-profit that raises money to purchase a home for Luke’s homeless friend, Tim. Luke met Tim in the Glory Haus warehouse, while helping his mom - Glory Haus CEO, Molly Holm – during the Christmas rush. When Luke found out his friend was homeless, he knew God called him to do something! Luke started a social movement, selling his grandmother’s secret famous sweet and spicy pickles to raise money to buy Tim — and others — a house.

“I am not doing this to show how nice I am, but to encourage others to do amazing things,” Luke says in a You-Tube video promoting the fundraiser. “It is to change a person with a bad life to a good life and change a person with a good life to a better life. I have a friend, and he has no home. So I’m asking you: Next time you see flowers on a table, stop and take a minute to realize some people don’t have a table to put flowers on that they find in a grassy field. Some don’t have a porch to sit on to look at the beauty around them. So today you can help out in someone’s life.”

Sadie Robertson, well-known for her role on the wildly popular television shows – A&E’s Duck Dynasty and ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, heard about Luke’s Pickles with a Purpose and was moved to help support his effort. “For a little boy’s heart to be that big is just so inspiring,” said Sadie Robertson. “Luke shows everyone it doesn’t matter how old you are, you can do something with a purpose to help somebody out,” she said. Luke received a surprise FaceTime call from Sadie where she shared the news that she was matching the initial donations given to Pickles with a Purpose. Sadie’s post on Facebook generated more than 3,500 likes: “Go check out Luke and his amazing project. He is a 9-year-old trying to raise $75,000 to buy his homeless friend a house! How awesome!”

To learn more about Pickles with a Purpose, visit www.facebook.com/pickleswithapurpose

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