The Better Together Artists

Laura Kirkland

Meet Laura

Laura is the original Glory Haus artist and her products include all ceramics, many picture frames, and canvases- among many others.

Trisha Maggard

Meet Trisha

Trisha designs and creates all of our linens and pillows at Glory Haus. She loves vintage inspired design and has a passion for making the old new again.

The Better Together Story

Our Better Together Collection gives a nod to simpler times, when family gathers around the table to share a meal, where life is better when shared together with the ones we love. Featuring collegiate and everyday products, this collection incorporates soft vintage tones and a variety of textures that are sure to pair well with the clean colors and rustic décor that we all love.

{From Laura’s prospective}: I met Trisha about 10 years ago. We were both designing and selling things back then, just on a smaller scale. I remember admiring her display of signs, antiques, and linens for the home.Fast forward about 6 years, and Trisha had just come on as a new designer with Glory Haus. The women of Glory Haus were going to St. Simons Island on a beach retreat and we rode together. Talking the whole way, we became fast friends and her spunk and humor have left me filled with smiles and laughter daily. I love the way she calls me “Toots” and when something really great comes together, she shouts, “Nailed it!”

Last Fall, Glory Haus approached us with the idea to design a small line together. We sat around in the back office with a few folks as they cast their vision. We took their request and ran with it, meeting weekly to brainstorm, design, source supplies, and paint. I think we got so zealous; we actually designed a few too many products. Whoops! Each time we would land on a mutual idea, Trisha held up her hand for a high five! I can’t tell you what life and joy I have experienced designing with one of my very best friends! To top it all off, a few items from our collection were recently chosen to be featured on Good Morning America.

We hope you enjoy this new collection and it reminds you to slow down, enjoy every moment, and spend time together with the ones you love. To shop the Better Together collection, click here.