In the Community

Glory Haus works very hard to continue to be a vital part of both our local community as well as our international community. Below are a few organizations that we really care about and strive to invest in. For more information on each organization, please click the corresponding image.

The first seed of GRACEPOINT School was planted 5 years ago, when Glory Haus Owner, Molly Holm, and her good friend, Angie, both found themselves searching for the best school to serve their dyslexic sons. Molly, along with other interested community leaders, started GRACEPOINT School in the Fall of 2011. GRACEPOINT is a Christian school in Marietta, Georgia that specializes in serving students with Dyslexia. With a 5:1 student-teacher ratio, the goal is for students to eventually transition out of GRACEPOINT and transition back into a traditional classroom setting. Starting with 4 students, GRACEPOINT has grown to over 84 students. In addition to countless volunteer opportunities, Glory Haus has donated well over $250,000 to GRACEPOINT School. 

"When we are obedient to what God is calling us to do, it can change a person's life. God takes our dreams and makes them so much more." - Molly Holm, Co-Founder of GRACEPOINT and Owner of Glory Haus

Glory Haus is proud to support the Folds of Honor Foundation, which is dedicated to giving back to the spouses and children of soldiers killed or disabled in service to our country. The Fold of Honor Foundation gives scholarships and other assistance to provide healing and hope with help from people like you. Glory Haus is giving all of the profit from the sales of their Hometown Hero ornament to support their mission. In buying this ornament, you are helping to ensure that no family gets left behind in the fight to preserve American freedom.

Glory Haus is proud to host the live simulcast of Leadercast - a one-day leadership conference broadcast all over the world. This unforgettable day of leadership development, inspiration and networking brings together corporate and community leaders from across Marietta and beyond. Hear from world-renowned leaders, enjoy fellowship, fun, and laughter.  

Leadercast is one of the largest events of its kind – broadcasting impactful and transformational content to hundreds of locations around the world. 

In the International Community

ALL of the Glory Haus linen products are handmade in our fair trade, social enterprise factory in India, called Daughters of Hope. This factory provides employment, training and hope to impoverished women. Daughters of Hope provides not only a safe and healthy work environment, but provides family support in many ways through free childcare, free healthy lunches, savings plans, insurance, etc. The vision of Daughters of Hope is not only to reduce poverty and injustice but to give dignity and freedom to those who have been caught up in the cycle of economic and social oppression. Many of the women at Daughters of Hope have no previous tailoring experience or education of any kind, yet through the training program, they have made the beautiful linen products that you see at Glory Haus. Join with us as we bring freedom and restore dignity through fair trade! To learn more, visit HERE.

Glory Haus is proud to support the Espy Family by donating the profits from our Blue Floral Family Frame to support their ministry. The Espy's moved from Atlanta, GA to Bomet, Kenya to serve in full time medical missions. If you'd like to know more about the Espy's, check out their blog, to support them in their ministry, visit their page on the WGM website.

The family pictured in the One Big Happy Family Frame is the Owens family - Dan, Shelly, Madeline, Davis, Hannah, Joseph, and Charlotte. They are a homeschooling, multi-racial family and are passionate about orphan causes, justice ministry, and adoption. The Owens serve full-time with Sixty Feet - a ministry seeking to bring hope and restoration to the imprisoned children of Africa in Jesus' name. Glory Haus is proud to partner with Sixty Feet in support of the Owens family by donating the profits from this frame to their ministry. By purchasing this item you too can join in God's work through Sixty Feet.