Moved to help a friend who was homeless, nine-year old Luke Holm founded non-profit, “Pickles With A Purpose” in 2015 to raise money to buy his homeless friend a home. Luke met his friend in the Glory Haus warehouse, while helping his mom - Glory Haus CEO, Molly Holm – during the Christmas rush. When Luke found out his friend and his wife were homeless, he knew God called him to do something! Luke started selling his grandmother’s secret famous sweet and spicy pickles to raise money to buy his friend — and others — a home. Now several years in, these delicious pickles are sold in retail stores across the country and continue to inspire others to think about how they can positively impact others. Through the sale of these pickles, Luke has been able to provide his friend and his wife housing for over a year! 

“I am not doing this to show how nice I am, but to encourage others to do amazing things,” Luke says in a You-Tube video promoting the fundraiser. “It is to change a person with a bad life to a good life and change a person with a good life to a better life. I have a friend, and he has no home. So I’m asking you: Next time you see flowers on a table, stop and take a minute to realize some people don’t have a table to put flowers on that they find in a grassy field. Some don’t have a porch to sit on to look at the beauty around them. So today you can help out in someone’s life.”

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Sadie Robertson, well-known for her role on the wildly popular television shows – A&E’s Duck Dynasty and ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, heard about Luke’s Pickles with a Purpose and was moved to help support his effort. “For a little boy’s heart to be that big is just so inspiring,” said Sadie Robertson. “Luke shows everyone it doesn’t matter how old you are, you can do something with a purpose to help somebody out,” she said. Luke received a surprise FaceTime call from Sadie where she shared the news that she was matching the initial donations given to Pickles with a Purpose. Sadie’s post on Facebook generated more than 3,500 likes: “Go check out Luke and his amazing project. He is a 9-year-old trying to raise $75,000 to buy his homeless friend a house! How awesome!” 

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