10 Gift Ideas for the Special Woman in Your Life

Written by Ashley Evans


Posted on November 07 2019

When you’re lucky enough to have a lot of special women in your life, you know Christmas is the time to step up. But how do you find the best secular and religious gifts for her that suit all those unique personalities? You’ve come to the right place!

The gift-giving experts at Glory Haus are here to guide you through selecting the perfect gifts for women this Christmas.

Here are 10 gift ideas for the special woman in your life:

  1. For Your Wife — Men everywhere are always wondering what to get the wife for Christmas. Our answer is jewelry! Wives never tire of pretty baubles, and the jewelry collection at Glory Haus has unique pieces crafted in our Repurposed on Purpose studio by women transitioning out of difficult situations — so you can feel really good about these Christmas gifts.
  2. For Your Mother — Mom just wants to see your face and know you’re doing well. As a twist on a religious gift for her this year, select a hand-painted photo frame and put in a picture of you and your family — or better yet, a picture of you and mom!
  3. For Your Sister — Even though you squabbled as kids, your sister is always there when you need her. Show her you value her loyalty with a leather bag or accessory that will last the test of time. Made in America by skilled artisans, they make thoughtful Christian gifts for her to remember your bond every day.
  4. For Your Daughter — Show your precious daughter you believe in her dreams for success with a collegiate gift from her alma mater of choice. She’ll appreciate the support during the holidays and into the upcoming new year.
  5. For Your Girlfriend — Even if you aren’t married yet, the question of an appropriate gift for a woman you plan to marry is tricky. We suggest a hand-painted trinket tray that suits her unique personality — and the engagement ring you’ll give her soon!
  6. For Your Best Friend — If your BFF is a Christian woman, religious gifts for her might be hard to find. A sure win either way is a Christmas gift of festive serving dishes or holiday plates that show her you know her personality and value breaking bread with her any time of year.
  7. For Your Boss — A female boss is truly a gift, but what secular and Christian art gifts are appropriate in the workplace? A hand-painted ceramic mug is an excellent Christmas gift for her because we have selections that are religious and non-religious, like “Donut worry!”
  8. For Your Colleague — When you work with someone every day, you forge a strong bond. Selecting gifts for a Christian or simply treasured woman at work is easy with the wide choice of tea towels and Fair Trade textiles at Glory Haus. She’ll love how cute and practical they are!
  9. For the Gardener — You probably know many women who can’t wait to start digging in the dirt come spring. The perfect unique gift for her is a charming garden stake that reflects her delightful love of nature.
  10. For Any Christian Woman — It’s a blessing to have so many strong Christian women in your life! No matter your relationship, you cannot go wrong with ceramic crosses and tiles as religious gifts for her. She’ll be touched by your thoughtfulness.