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Like You Love You Framed Board
Like You Love You Framed Board
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Like You Love You Framed Board $16.00

If Walls Could Talk, They'd Speak Glory Haus

If walls could talk…they'd say it in wall art! Express yourself the Glory Haus way with our uplifting and stylish framed wall art. Each decorative board is designed to send a special message to honor a person, a place or a feeling that sparks something in you. Whether you want to surprise a dear friend with an inspirational quote to help them through a tough time or seek cute hangings for the nursery or playroom, these sweet home accents are a great way to do it. They make spectacular gallery wall centerpieces and command attention when styled alone, too.

Complement the theme of the room with pieces that tie your vision together, including rustic, religious, coastal, playful and seasonal wall art. Daily inspiration awaits with delightfully moving messages - "Every day I love you more" or "Love never fails," for example - that will keep you smiling every time you look at your wall. With rustic wood frames, cute hand-lettered style text and colorful designs, these gorgeous creations bring that extra something special to any room. You can convey sentimental messages to mom, dad, kids and pets with these amazing hangings.

Delightfully Changeable Wall Art and Décor

Feeling noncommittal? The beauty of our wall art is that it's easy to swap in and out for the season, a holiday or a family member's birthday. Each decorative board comes ready for hanging, so you can use it to give a little extra flair at special times of the year. We also have clever, customizable décor, such as our wood boards that can be finished with seasonal and holiday-specific toppers throughout the year. No matter the message you'd like to send, you can say it with these stylish wall hangings by Glory Haus.

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