website Fair Trade Décor: Pillows, Tea Towels, Banners

we believe in creating quality products that speak life and love into your home.

we believe in creating quality products that speak life and love into your home.

Fair Trade

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Shop Fair Trade, Change a Life

Who knew shopping for cute home accents could feel so good? When you shop fair trade home décor from Glory Haus, you're supporting ethical working conditions, fair wages and the empowerment of women throughout the world. Our cute fair trade towels, throw pillows, seasonal decorations and banners are all made with love and care in the Daughters of Hope fair trade factory in India, which Glory Haus helped to found. Through this partnership, we're able to produce fun, lovingly crafted fair trade textiles that tell a very special story. You never know what you'll discover in this collection.

As always, each one of our fair trade accents is made to make you smile, featuring special messages, unique designs and multidimensional finishes. Whether you're looking for cute fair trade throw pillows, festive seasonal décor, gift-worthy tea towels or fun state pride accents, you'll find something that strikes your fancy here. From simple, chic toss pillows to holiday dish towels adorned with bunnies or Christmas trees, it's easy to choose a style that celebrates your personality and décor scheme. All of these amazing fair trade decorations make amazing gifts for newlyweds, new homeowners and more.

What is Daughters of Hope?

The Daughters of Hope Project is a one-year school that provides education, empowerment and employment to young at-risk women in South Asia. We routinely work with women who are HIV+, orphaned, victims of abuse and highly vulnerable to trafficking. The Daughters of Hope factory currently employs more than 50 women and has helped to free many more from the devastating cycle of poverty. When you buy ethically made home décor from Glory Haus, you can rest easy knowing you're supporting this worthy cause!